Managing Product Integrity and Quality

Supply chain and movement of inventory both old and new are two topics garnering additional attention in the COVID-19 era,  according to Quality Corrections & Inspections, a high-volume rework firm which has operations in Duncansville, PA, and Henderson, NV. According to QC&I’s EVP Randy Burk, the company is seeing more inquiries on topics including:

Increased instances of mold, mildew and odor on products due to merchandise deliveries being delayed or placed in less than favorable storage conditions for an extended time.

Dealing with “dead inventory” or making product alterations. In some cases, rebranding or relabeling merchandise may be necessary due to retail order cancellations. In this case, the merchandise will be de-labeled, re-labeled and resold.

In some cases, retailers are pulling back inventory from closed store and re-routing to distribution centers for resale through their e-commerce channels. This merchandise will need to be prepped, folded, bagged and tagged to meet e-commerce sale requirements.