Mizuno’s Americas’ Business Bolstered by Running

Annual Americas’ sales rose 7.8 percent in yen to the equivalent of $177.4 million for Japanese brand Mizuno, which attributed the topline growth from its running and golf equipment segments. The company attributed some of the region’s sales and operating profit for the fiscal year to lower costs related to prior restructurings. Nonetheless, Mizuno Americas has experienced a nearly 39 percent decline in annual revenues since FY15, when they were 31.6 billion yen.

Utilizing an annual yen-to-dollar exchange rate provided by the company, Mizuno’s Americas’ FY19 footwear sales rose nearly 6 percent in yen to $65.8 million for the 12 months ended March 31. Apparel, equivalent to 17 percent of the brand’s regional revenues, were approximately $30.2 million, with annual Mizuno golf equipment sales coming at approximately $80.5 million last year.